Thursday, June 13, 2013

Charity synonymous with overhead?

A friend on FB posted a link to America's Worst Charities today. The numbers do look bad. They also pull at the national heartstrings that tell us OVERHEAD IS BAD.  I replied to her post requesting everyone to watch this video. (Did I mention, I love TEDtalks!!)

Dan Pallotta gives a moving presentation offering a very compelling argument to reform the non-profit model in the U.S. In the profit and non-profit sector it costs money to raise those crazy amounts of money. Our country's idea of "overhead" in charity is significantly affecting the ability to help solve the massive problems so many non-profits were created to address.

Not to say there aren't so-called charities doing terrible things; I'm sure many of these are right there on that list. I'm just saying everyone who cringes at the thought of "overhead" should think before joining the nation in this well-known disdain for the fundraising world.

Feel free to take a look at my three favorite charities:
Global Heritage Fund
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Alliance on Mental Illness

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