Friday, June 7, 2013

Be brave.

I read today about Irena Sendler, a Polish Roman Catholic woman who served as a Social Worker in Warsaw during WWII.  Apparently, this powerful lady - despite all odds against her efforts - smuggled approximately 2,500 children out of the Warsaw ghetto during this time.  Though eventually she was captured by the nazis and sentenced to death, she escaped by means of bribing the guards on her way to execution, as well as survived severe beatings, only to live in hiding for the remainder of the war.  Her fantastic story of bravery continues when we learn she kept notes of each child she saved, hidden in a jar she kept buried in a neighbors backyard, under a tree.  That tree now stands at the entrance to the Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem.

Talk about balls!  If that doesn't tell you to get off your behind and do something important, I'm not sure what will.

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